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    Keep en eye on Slickdeals. This was up a few days ago which is a great price:

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    Thanks got the feedback, everyone. I have some research to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Keep en eye on Slickdeals. This was up a few days ago which is a great price:
    Wow, nice specs for the money. Our house only needs one computer between the two of us, which is her 3 yr old Win 7 HP laptop. I personally use an iPad for 95% of my computing.

    When the time comes, though, I'd love to have an ultrabook or Mac Air.

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    I bought a Dell on sale at OfficeMax in August for a needy high school freshman. $349.00 ($100-off). 15" display. i3. 4 gig ram. 256 gig hard drive. DVD/CD-ROM. Win8. I think that's as low as you can go. The entry level Intel and AMD processors kind-a suck when you're running all that Microsoft bloat. You can find that kind of deal pretty much any time.

    I have a Lenovo T530 with a full HD display. It has a 3x3 MIMO WiFi card so I get full 105 megabit/sec internet access. I telecommute and routinely push big files around so that's useful. I think it's the best 15.6" laptop on the market. I have the DVI to HDMI cable and use it to drive the flat screen in my hotel room. When I travel, everybody else has these little dwarf machines. I don't mind lugging around a big one to get the big display and the DVD player.

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    Check out TechBargains. Today there is a:

    Lenovo Essential B590 Intel Core i3-2348M 2.3GHz 15.6in Laptop $369.99

    Newegg has the Lenovo Essential B590 (59366616) Intel Core i3-2348M Dual-Core 15.6" Notebook Computer for a low $369.99 Free Shipping. Tax in CA, NJ, TN. This laptop sells for at least $400 elsewhere. [Compare Prices]
    15.6" 1366x768 LED; Intel Core i3-2348M 2.3GHz Dual-Core; 2GB RAM; 320GB HDD; DVD burner; 802.11n; Windows 7 Professional; HDMI; 6-cell battery; HDMI; webcam; 1yr warranty

    Stuff like this comes up every other day or so

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    Intel or AMD Mboard machines....64-bit processor(not necessary but nice) with Win 7, memory, large-capacity cache/bus...possibly. Fast & large(or several)harddrive(s) to match. Probably too much and others reigning...I've been out of loop for a while.... Last worked with Intel Core i?....but Wow, Core i3 for $370...NewEgg is definitely a place to look at for prices.

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    I recommended this Laptop for a Friend and they like it a lot.

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    If you're looking for a cheap lower end machine: Today 11/12/13 only (pretty cool date BTW)

    TODAY ONLY Asus X401U-BE20602Z AMD E2-1800 Dual-Core 14in Laptop (4GB/500GB) $219.99

    Best Buy has the Asus X401U-BE20602Z AMD E2-1800 Dual-Core 14" Notebook Computer for a low $219.99 Free Shipping. Tax in most. This is $65 less than elsewhere and the lowest price we have seen.
    4.1lbs; 14" AMD E2-1800 Dual-Core 1.7GHz; 4GB RAM; 500GB HDD; 802.11n; Windows 8; HDMI;; webcam; AMD Radeon HD 7340 onboard graphics; 6-cell battery; 1yr warranty Free shipping

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    Ridiculous deal. It doesn't mention a touchscreen which I'd want with Win 8. That aside, at the price it's nearly worth buying just for the hell of it.

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    If you have the time to browse, there are some ridiculus computer deals out there for Black Friday. Here is Best Buy's

    Page 2 has a Dell Inspiron for $177

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