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Thread: ADK 46ers?

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    ADK 46ers?

    Any 46ers in here? I only have about 20 high peaks in the Adirondacks from when I went to camp up there (last year was my last- I was never a big hiker which is why I didn't get my 46er, but the sailing at the camp was amazing).

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    Nah, I have something like... 6. I'm not really into working on lists... but my friend is

    A buddy of mine worked up there at camp Treetops for a few Summers...
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    I've done Whiteface and Nye in the winter, Street, Marshall, and one of the Wolfjaws in summer. I plan to actually sign up and ever-so-slowly pursue the list, though!

    Note that the 46'ers want you to sign up and correspond throughout your progress, not just send in a form at the end.
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    It also costs you money to join once you have all 46.

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    what camp did you goto? I went to a camp called Camp Dudley for 6 years up there. I have only done about 15 or so peaks. But cause of Dudley I have done those 15 peaks about 10 times each (we lead out the same trips weak after weak with different campers). And we sailed on lake champlain which was great.

    I just moved to NH so I have a whole new list of mountains to tackle out here...

    Tim Akers (#16891) <--- if your from dudley you will understand the number
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    I have been stuck on 39 for almost 3 years now because I have been doing more in the Whites. I plan to end on Haystack.

    I think that, generally the 46ers tend to be tougher than the Wihtes because of the long slogs in and out. A trip like Colvin and Blake in the winter is really a long way.

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    I know the ADK pretty well, dont know the whites at all so it should be interesting. Favorite hikes in the ADK?

    The great range is an awesome hike! (gothics has a great view)

    I also liked the dix range....but i guess there are trails now which sucks
    I'm at home and at ease on a track that I know not,
    And restless and lost on a road that I know.
    --Henry Lawson

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    gwags- Haystack has an amazing view, good choice. It was actually foggy and cloudy when I hiked it, so I didn't get to see the great view, but the rocky summit was nice enough without the view anyway, and people who have hiked it that I know say it's one of the best.

    Goblin84- Gothics was a great hike, and along with Saddleback and the rest of the John's Brook Lodge/ Great Range area, is one of the nicest hikes/views/overall experiences I have had in the Adirondacks. I went to NCC, not Dudley. NCC is a sports camp that stresses outdoor exploration as well, and about half the campers that went there for awhile got their 46ers. I didn't begin to enjoy hiking until my last few years, so I only ended up with 22 or so. The camp also has a boat on Champlain, an O'day 24 I believe. That was a blast to sail, but nothing beats the Sunfish and Hunters and Americans on our own Augur Lake (camp is near Keeseville).

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    nice, the sunfishes are fun to mess around in. we had a nice fleet of JY's which on a good day could really haul. I kinda miss sailing, have not had a chance to sail in the last couple years. almost bought myself a hobbie cat but talked myself out of it. kinda glad i did way i could keep it in good shape. im already poor enough as is.
    I'm at home and at ease on a track that I know not,
    And restless and lost on a road that I know.
    --Henry Lawson

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    heh... where is Dudley?

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