HI everyone,

Just a few things here.

1st off, I'm still trying to assess what occurred here. A few notes to start:

I run backups of the database every single night. These are then backed up to an off-site location the next night. This happens every single day.

For some reason, my backups started failing on the morning of the 5th.

This morning, around 2AM, the server shut down, and then came back up again around 5AM. Since then, there were numerous database errors.

I put a ticket in to my host on our VPS account and they came back and told me there were missing tables. They told me they had a system restore back to December 15th. Luckily, i had the backup to to the morning of the 4th, so they restored from that instead. It doesn't seem to be (but I am still researching) possible to restore missing posts in that timeframe, but I am still trying to see if I can find a way.

I will still be working to uncover what occurred here. We are running on the latest versions of all our software so we have no known security issues. It could have just been a corrupted database. But when I find out more, I will let you all know. Thanks for your patience.