Congrats To the New Dad!


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    Congrats To the New Dad!

    May you enjoy the sleepless nights and all the great moments with your son Deadheadskier!

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    Congrats! My kid finally learned how to sleep.. Only took 11 months lol

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    Nice. I think he may done for the year.
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    a new and very exciting chapter of your life begins now.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Thanks everyone. As only parents can understand, it's a feeling of love and joy beyond anything I've ever felt before. Mom and son are happy and healthy.

    Snowed his first two days of life!

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    Happy news ! Great to hear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post

    Snowed his first two days of life!
    That's a good sign!

    Welcome DHS 2.0. Congrats to the whole family!

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    Congrats ...perfect timing for Ski season , I see many ski birthday parties in the future.

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    Congrats... A new skier/rider joins the ranks.

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    Congrats. Sleep while you can.

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