Hiking/camping movies


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    Hiking/camping movies

    Do you know of some really good/ scary camping or hiking movies ???

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    Wild with Reece Witherspoon.

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    + 1 for Wild.

    "A Walk In The Woods", another scary hiking move. If you've done the typical AMC hike you'll know what I mean by scary, lol -


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    I love Wild; such a well done film.

    Into the Wild is very good. Not exactly a hiking movie but it's got a "leave civilization behind" vibe.

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    Seen all of them! Have u guys seen the Okiee dokiee brothers omg so good!!

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    I've seen them over 10 times

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    Not hiking/camping per se, but I just saw Meru (climbing) and it did include some hiking and camping (albeit on a portaledge). Very well done film without all the usual attendant hype and dramatization. Highly recommended.


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    Without a Paddle

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    Blair Witch Project comes to mind. Not exactly hiking but in the woods!
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