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Thread: Iceland trip

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    Iceland trip

    I'm headed to Iceland with a group of friends this October. None of us has been and we're not sure exactly what to do there. We could rent a house in Reykjavik and do daily trips out of there or we could do a ring road tour. We'll be there 5 full days not counting travel days.

    If anyone has been and has advice on how to manage the trip I'd love to hear it.

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    Never been but sounds exciting.

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    I've got a former co-worker who has been twice. I'll reach out to him and see what he has to say.

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    I am interested in hearing what folks have to say as well. Always wanted to go.
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    Iceland trip

    What's a bit surprising are the flights. For our dates, we'll probably spend less than $600/person. About 6 hours non-stop from Boston. Not bad for going to such a foreign-y kind of place.

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    I have a couple friends who have been. They say it is fun, the hot springs are cool. There are lots of bars in Reykjavik to stop at.
    The flights are so cheap because Iceland positions themselves as a stop over on the way to Europe---so if going just to Iceland you can get some nice deals on flights.
    They have found a niche as a low cost carrier into Europe from the East Coast of the US (WOW Air)

    One friend has been a couple times through Iceland on his way to Europe--flight lands at 6am he travels all over the country for the day and then flies out to Europe later that night. Can hop on one of those tour buses and see quite a bit in 12-16 hrs I'm told.
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    When are you going in October? The day lengths quickly shorten in October. Just over 11 hrs on October 1st to 8 hrs October 31st. If yo are later in the month, that may be why your tickets are cheap since the days are getting pretty short and the weather in October can often be cloudy and drizzly.
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    Oct 3rd so hopefully we'll have ok luck with weather. My wife wanted to be sure to catch the northern lights but, yeah, that's not peak season.

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    I spent a weekend in Iceland 20 or so years ago, on the way to ski in Europe. We (a group of guys) rented an apartment in Reykjavik walking distance to many bars and restaurants. The weekend consisted of landing, drinking, day trip tour to glacier, more drinking, hot springs, more drinking, and off to Europe. Real fun place and the locals are great. Tons of great bars around with late closings. No good beer at the time though. You have to do shots of Black Death, real nasty, but the locals won't let you off without doing them.
    Besides the nightlife, food was great with seafood and lamb the specialties. Northern lights were great. We were there in mid March, and it was cold. Very cold! Stayed light out quite late, but it was always a very low angle sun. With more time I'm sure a coastal tour would be great, but if I did it again I'd stay in town again and day trip. Definitely tour a glacier, and get in some back country skiing if it's available at that time of year. Regret that I didn't ski there to this day! I really want to get back there soon.

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