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3,200 CFM is worth (depending on nozzle setup) about 32 new HKD Impulses (480 GPM at startup) or five Ratnik Baby SG2 guns flowing around 100 GPM.
4825 CFM gives nearly 50 HKD Impulses at 735 gpm on startup, or seven Ratniks plus a bit extra air flowing 140 GPM.

Magic might have their Impulses set up to flow less air than the ones where I work, so the numbers might be even better. Regardless, between the HKDs and the Halo/Diablo and Areco fans, Magic should be close to maximum water flow at startup on certain routes (IIRC around 1000 GPM). And *that* means the pond can turn into base depth more quickly, and at much warmer temperatures, than ever before. This air change almost doubles their output at 25 degrees wetbulb.

Aftercooled air is also a big deal. When our air coolers go down, our guns go from dry snow to slop.

And that doesn't even touch on the fringe benefits, like faster startup adding extra snowmaking minutes, less babysitting means more time for the ops guys on the hill, if there's a Variable Frequency Drive then startup goes much smoother and in cold weather when water is maxed out the compressor can be throttled back automatically, saving power without spiking or dropping pressure or dumping air...

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Not quite there yet on the GPM. They need the pond done (this summer) and increased GPM to max out those compressors. I have to assume they plan more GPM flow, otherwise why all the CFM.

But just an amazing parade of upgrades over the past 14 months. Yes, it's been less than 14 months since the deal closed!