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    Putting the green chair back in is such a baller move. I'm excited to ski that zone more, I still get a little lost on that part of the hill from time to time.

    Black to quad... ser biz

    If you build it, they will come.
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    I received this email update, too bad about the black chair but it seemed awfully ambitious to get it planned, permitted, installed and tested in a few short months...

    We have contractors lined up for both the pond expansion project and the new Quad lift project. But, as Steve Miller wrote, "time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future..."

    As of mid-August, still no final state permit approvals, or even a date certain, on the snowmaking pond project (almost 2 years in the works) and the Quad lift (which is really only a short time in the process but is a pretty straightforward Act 250 permit as it's a replacement of an existing lift.) Planning becomes precarious as contractors will not hang around and wait until the last minute when permits are approved. They (we) need to know in advance an accurate time frame when they will be approved and determine whether the project can be done in time for the season and therefore whether to reserve manpower and subcontractors with signed contracts. Businesses need to plan and permitting delays are costly, especially for us small businesses. Our timetables have been lengthened and expenses increased with each permitting delay. But, we continue to work closely with the various state agencies to try and provide all necessary information to insure sound project engineering and environmentally-friendly execution of these projects which is important to every one. The reality is that it increasingly looks like it will be difficult to execute either of these projects fully this fall in time for the new season if approvals slip much further into September, which now seems likely.

    The good news is that significant progress is being made on the new Green Lift which dramatically changes Magic's profile this season to a ski area better accessible to young families, including novice and intermediate-level skiers and riders. It also means Magic can open earlier than ever with snowmaking off the new lift as no longer do we have to make snow down 1500 vertical feet to run a lift. (Thinking Thanksgiving weekend or early December if the weather cooperates!). And, work at Sunshine Corner, in combination with the new Green Lift, is going to make that a great event space in the future (think year-round weddings and brewfests).

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    The state of Vermont is really good at stifling progress of any kind with it's insane and crazy permitting and regulations. Kudos to magic for going all out though, I already bought my pass so I'll be there either way

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