Whiteface Mountain Question


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    Whiteface Mountain Question

    Hey guys!

    New here and I am looking at taking my girlfriend to whiteface and getting it for her for a surprise christmas present. I have never been there but always wanted to go, however the predicament we're in is that we cant go in February and our only options are 12/30-1/1 or 3/2-3/4.

    I really wanna go over new years just because it's closer lol and i feel conditions may be a little better, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm from PA and conditions go south around march. However.... I feel the crowds are going to be OBNOXIOUS around that time with new years and it's not going to be as enjoyable on the slopes or walking around the town.

    March seems great because low crowds and we can walk around the towns and see things when we're not on the slopes however I'm concerned the conditions are going to get a little wet come march.

    Looking for some opinions of people that have been there, thanks in advance guys!!!

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    What is your definition of "good conditions"?
    You say in PA things go "south" in March, what do you mean by that?

    Either way, it'll be gamble unless you wait until a week or two before to decide, either time could have a bunch of new snow or a freeze after a rainy thaw.

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    One does not "plan" a ski trip to Whiteface, one only goes to Whiteface if the conditions are good.

    That said, if you have to pick one of those two options, the early March slot is likely to be much better, as Whiteface will have laid down 100% of its' snowmaking by then, as well as the fact that (hopefully) winter will have done its' thing by then and be in near peak winter form.

    If the conditions arent great, on the bright side Lake Placid is the best ski town east of the Mississippi, and you'll have lots of shopping, dining, drinking, other outdoor activities either within walking distance or a very short car ride away.
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    You will be fine going in March. Over the last 5 years they have had between 61 and 89 trails open between March 1st and March 14th. Doing that same timeframe, they had significantly less trails open at the end of December. What kind of skiers are both of you? Try to remember that weather conditions are significantly colder up at Whiteface, compared to what we see in PA in March.

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    I've never heard someone say they think conditions would be better the beginning of January than they would be in the beginning of March. March is typically when you have some of the best conditions of the season in the northeast (excluding the Poconos which are winding down by that time...but for everywhere north of that, March is usually the better choice than December/early Jan).

    Perhaps we should take a step back. Where have you been outside of PA? What made you decide to choose Whiteface?

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    Alright so background on me and my riding, I'm from a rural area and all we had was a hodunk resort with maybe a dozen trails or we'd go to 7 springs, holiday valley (in NY) or snowshoe WV. So this is basically my first big mountain get away minus I've done Okemo and Stowe a couple times in january.

    Sounds like march is going to be the better date! I just get nervous because we don't deal with big mountains up here and things start to thaw out around that time and get slushy then turns to ice due to cold temps overnight.

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    Make sure your skis are sharpened... Even when Whiteface is on the icy side it can still be a fun mountain due to the number of long groomers, some are steep.

    Might be a good opportunity to work on short radius turns and pole plants!

    Like everyone else said, go in March, it could very well be peak conditions of the season.

    You chose wisely with Whiteface / Lake Placid for a romantic ski getaway. Nice town to walk around in at night.

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    Early March should be just about primo time for Whiteface, and if you have to commit in advance a much better bet than late December. Weatherwise, there is a small chance of slush, but generally early Mar at Whiteface will be like mid-January in PA. You actually don't want to be at Whiteface during the coldest time of winter because it can be HARSH. Here's a report from a good visit I had to Whiteface in late March 2014, it's a serious mountain: http://www.dcski.com/forum/81908

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