AlpineZone Summit 9.0 - Trip Report


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    AlpineZone Summit 9.0 - Trip Report


    this space intentionally left white

    ok, so i didn't make it up friday like I had dreamed of... i'll let Brian and some others tell us all how great of a pow day it was... I started off sat with sloppy seconds -- it was still delicious.

    We left boston around 5am, getting to the hill a bit before 10... all lots full, cars lining up on access rd may have been down to the rack by some point... the powderhounds were out, and hungry. Snow was fluffy and light, plenty of side stashes, bumps everywhere... whats a groomer?

    We got after it, hitting all of our favorite trails... I didn't venture into Brackett -- word from friends that did was sketchy entrance, great once in... I had my GPS data logger on for most of the time out there, forgot to have it on for about half a day... (first tracks groomers)

    Timberline opened up -- and it was cold up there...

    After a great day, I popped into bullwinkles for a late lunch/beer, and called down to the winterstick shop to see if I could pick up a little something...

    Last year i popped into the Winterstick snowboard factory on mtn (West mountain lift base) I demo'd a split swally, and as you know, we got dumped on last Alpinezone... I was hooked on the surfy feel and had the factory create me one with few custom touches 'snowfields' and 'tick marks' every 6" for depth checks....


    Im rarely on first chair -- sometimes close, but never the guy waiting in line before it opens... Day light savings day? forget about it... Then they throw you the first tracks card and everything changes....

    We got out there a bit late after the start, but still managed a few VIP runs -- thanks sugarloaf and AZ!

    Kings landing, hayburner to start it off -- moved over to sluice, narrow guage after the 8:30 bell.

    Hit white nitro, Haulback, Widowmaker, some glades and whiffletree... back up, bubblecuffer! comp hill...

    You should always have your vegatables, greens and trees

    king pine - haulback was great, windowmaker groomed today

    look up from whiffletree top

    bubblecuffer -- one of my favorites
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    Wow you guys did well with the snow timing. That split board looks gnarly .. not a snowboarder but I love weird boards like that
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    I'm glad the Loaf finally is getting some snow this season. Better late than never. I hope I can work in a trip up there this season.

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    Here's a picture from Brackett on Saturday 3/10. I'd bet it looks even better now. . .

    Bracket 3-2018.jpg

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