Rickett's Glen state park, PA


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    Rickett's Glen state park, PA

    Anybody ever been out there? Really looking forward to getting out there this summer and seeing the waterfalls. Any tips? Any idea how long it takes to get there from Philly?


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    Rickett's Glen

    It can get a wee bit crowded, but that is to be expected in a place with so many waterfalls that is located only 35-40 minutes from WB/Scranton, and 2 1/4 hours from NW Philly.

    Google for "haystacks" and "loyalsock creek" for a fun, less crowded alternative in World's End State Park (gotta love that name). Exactly 3 hours from NW Philly to the trailhead.

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    Interesting, I'm PA bound for a couple of days. Anyone have info for places outside of Harrisburg & maybe somewhere north of Philly on (a round about) way back to CT, maybe on AT in PA?
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    NW Pa (en route to Ct)

    You are in luck. Two of the finest overlooks on the AT are the Pinnacle and the Pulpit Rock just off I-78. They can be reached by a 2-5 mile (depending on how/where you go) hike from the trail head at the Hamburg Reservoir. Raptors use this long ridge as flyway and dozens of turkey vultures can also be found circling high over above the bucolic landscape of farms and rolling hills. See trip report http://www.trails.com/trail_reviews....lid=HGN175-004.

    Getting There: Take Exit 11 (Lenhartsville) from Route I-78. Turn right (south) at the bottom of the exit ramp towards Lenhartsville. Follow this road for about 1/4 of a mile to a stop sign at a "T" in the road. Turn right and follow this road about 3 miles. Turn right on "Reservoir Road". Follow Reservoir Road for about 1 mile to the Hamburg Reservoir. Park on the left side (you'll see a large sign that says "No Overnight Parking").

    For beta on raptors in the area at the time of your visit, check http://www.hawkmountain.org/default.shtml -- the local birding center located a few miles further down the ridge.

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    Sounds perfect, I'll check the map out.

    Thanks TeleMac!
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Definitely get pinnacle if its not to far off from where you are passing through, I missed out on it when I was in PA, but everyone I know who has been there strongly recommends it. I believe its on the end of one of the anticline hills where is just sort of drops off.

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