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    the wind always does me in, not the cold air. the wind in the boston metro area in brutal, i can't imagine what the top of a mountain might be like today, ick. not too cold, not too windy.... but too windy and cold.

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    We get more excited about skiing when it gets colder. Less people on the slopes and the snow stays skiable much longer. We have the clothing to bundle right up, and can take 3-4 runs, then warm up and do it again.

    I skiied one day at Attitash, wearing everything I brought. It was so cold, that when I came to sunny spot, I had to stop and face the sun to "thaw out" the area of my face behind the goggles. Every where else was fine, but 2 layers of plexi glass weren't quite enough for right between my eyes. I think it was -20 and a really stiff wind. I was worried they were going to put a wind hold on the lifts. Never cold on the lifts, we were well bundled up.

    I have skiied some mother cold days at the loaf, the River and Attitash, as well as Big Squaw. Great days of skiing!!!

    Another advantage: You will sleep really well that night, after battling the cold like that!
    lovin life,


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    The cold and the pins and needles in the wind seriously hampers your ability to have fun. It's good for a few runs, but then it's back by the fire.

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    If you don't like crowds then skiing in the cold is definately the way to go. It was completely deserted after the school kids left last night at Ski Sundown. I didn't load any customers on my lift after about 7:30, they finally decided to close the lift an hour early at 9:00. Granted I was at working the learning area, but main part of the mountain didn't have more than like 10 people after the small race crowd left.

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    When I rented skiis at Inverness in Waitsfield one day it was 30 below (without the turkey wind factor). A group came in at 9 in the morning. It was led by this very aggressive buster of a gal. I told her that she wouldn't enjoy skiing that day and that I didn't feel right renting to her. She insisted. (I related this story to another gal from Up-state and we had a good laugh together much later on). Anyway she obviously had read the bumper sticker and HAD TO SKI MAD RIVER. She told me that she hadn't driven all the way from the Big Apple to be disappointed by some dingaling in a local-yokel ski shop. I rented her the skiis. They were back before noon and admitted that they didn't take more than one run.

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    Someone mentioned that it's personal and I agree. What is frigid to someone might be just cold to another. Often, I see people without hats or wearing a sweater or for pants- blue jeans and looking just as warm as can be when I'm more bundled up with a helmet, coat and ski pants. Some people tollerate the cold better.

    Last spring at Jiminy it was in the mid 40's and most skiers had on sweaters and light coats, no hats etc. Beautiful sunny day too. I noticed two skiers who were bundled up so no skin was exposed as if it were 0 degrees. I kid you not! Rode the lift with them and found out they were from Maryland which explained why they were so bundled up.

    Last year at 0 degrees I gave in after an hour and a half. Just too cold for me. This years' low is 15 degrees, so I'm guessing my low is somewhere near 10 degrees.


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    Yep, went back to the Loaf yesterday. I usually don't mind the cold. I only buy the best as you get what you pay for mom always said. I was missing a layer ( can't find my old turtleneck) and I was really cold. No really! It was 15 when I got there, a wind, but nothing crazy. Timberline and Kind Pine were closed as usual. That didn't stop me from skiing. Hardly anyone was there and I had the terrain park almost to myself. I really like to hit Spurline Trail and fly down to the park and rip through. Too much fun. Spurline sort of reminds me of Upper Ravine at Cannon. My fav trail.

    I did go over to Gondi line as there seemed to be a fair amount of new snow on the ground from the last mini dump. The huge bumps on Gondi were frozen and the new snow kinded blended in and made or a fun little run and reminded me I still haven't had my skis tuned. I think I did 8 or so runs and had a very good time. I gotta tell you my commute over is heaven. I did not have one car in front of me the whole time. Back too! We are going to go over tomorrow and ski again. My hubby hasn't been yet this season. Yesterday makes 7 days out so far. I am picking up the pace and trying to use my pass more than once a week.

    Have fun all and stay safe!
    Pray for Snow

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    How close are you to the loaf? LUCKY!
    I'm driving the 4 hours up from Boston in Feb.
    the Loaf it my fav resort in the east. gondi line rules!!

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    to cold to ski

    It is -36 here this morning, so we are going to wait a while before we go out. Probably will be making runs by noontime. Just to friggin cold this morning!!!

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