Front Page add image with jpeg as source


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    Front Page add image with jpeg as source

    I have an uncle who's hiking the AT (reached Fontana dam yesterday). A friend of his whom I've never met has decided to devote part of her website to the chronicles of his journey.

    I'm a programmer but I know nothing about Front Page and only a little html.

    She is trying to add an image to my uncle's web page, which is generated through Front Page. She has asked for help because she says that Front Page does not support the jpeg file type. This can't be true because I viewed the html for her home page, which includes a picture of her store (kayaking & canoeing), and the source for that image has a file extension of .jpg. This tells me that Front Page must support jpeg's, because she's already got one there.

    Does anyone have advice about how to add a jpeg image to the page?

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    You should be able to just go to Insert --> Picture --> From file...
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    FrontPage can absolutely support JPG images.

    The first thing you need to do is import the file into the website. Create a folder called "Images" then click File/Import... and navigate to where the image is stored. Once located, click Add File... then OK. Make sure the imported picture goes into your Images folder.

    Now that the image is in the website, open up the web page where you want the image to reside. You can either click the Add Picture icon (looks like a mountain with the sun behind it) or Insert/Picture/From File.

    That's all there is to it!

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    I've forwarded the url for this thread to the person maintaining the web page.


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