Conditions up north


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    Conditions up north

    Well I don't know how much this recent storm added, but my wife and I were up north on Saturday and Sunday. We weren't skiing, but here is a casual observation of conditions at the places we drove past as viewed from the road...for what it's worth!

    Cannon: not open on Saturday, snowmaking in progress, looked a bit thin cover all over.
    Bretton Woods: open, couldn't tell conditions, but the snow cover near Crawford Notch was decidedly deeper than that along the I-93 corridor
    Attitash: open, looked like a decent crowd on Saturday morning, lift lines looked to be just a minute or 2.
    Cranmore: open, didn't get close enough to see conditions.
    Loon: open when we went by on Sunday, looked a lot like Cannon, but heavy snowmaking in progress.

    In general the snow cover over in the Attitash/Bretton Woods/Mt. Washington area was a lot deeper than along I-93. This all might be not relevant depending on how much snow y'all got up there the last 2 days, but figured I'd mention all these observations...mostly cuz it's a slow day and I got nothing else to do.

    BTW the RSN channel reported that the ski touring areas (Jackson, Bretton Woods, Bear Notch) were open as well for those inclined to tackle that method.

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    Thanks for the update, Max. I think these first hand accounts of conditions are very valuable. That rain last week really whammied a lot of places, but things early this week should be better. Let's hope Wed/Thurs remains frozen...

    So, Max......gonn revisit some alpine skiing this year?
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    I might give it a shot Greg...except those short wide skis really spook me! Last time I went it was on 207 cm Rossignols...I guess I got some catching up to do. How do y'all ski with those "surfboards" on your feet anyway?

    Oh BTW, I walked around N. Conway all weekend with my AlpineZone sweatshirt on...did not get any comments.
    "Never take no cut-offs, and hurry along as fast as you can." Virginia Reed, Donner party survivor

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    Well, its hard to believe,

    but after skiing almost powder like conditions at Sunday River 5 days earlier, STOWE was one big sheet of ice and rock. My poor bases! Of course, I couldn't pull the "stuck in the mountains" bit 2 weeks in a row, so we had to drive home through the storm. BLAH!

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    This was reported by Pointedem in the Killington chat room

    "Today was pretty sweet, to say the least. After a mob of us in liftline attacked the ticket checkers, it was a free-for-all and the melay was on. Saw Mtn man and some others from the board, but didnt get to ski with them. Skied cascade to downdraft, pretty nice, heavy creamy pow. Took a couple more in the area, several face shots were had. Went over to superstar and proceeded to lap it about 8-9 times. Ovation headwall was good to go, creamy soft landings everytime due to the 50mph+ gusts that were refilling the landing every run. Same was to be said for ovation, in paticular the lower half. Super creamy, blown in pow.. so rippable. And, to top it off there was a huge lip at the very bottom of ovation that you could HUCK- far.. biggest one ive found this year. Needles eye was running, some of the terrain over there was worth skiing, for sure.

    Winds are buffing everything out. Kinda like free refills!
    Tommarow will be sweet, espically if the winds keep hammering.

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    On Monday morning, it looked like about 9 inches of nice powder had fallen in North Woodstock, and it was still lightly coming down.
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