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    Quote Originally Posted by kickstand
    do you know if this is a TIVO-specific feature or if Comcast's DVR allows you to do this, too? I have Comcast DVR and sometimes finding info on their site is a pain. Thought I'd ask, see if someone has a quick hit for me before I go searching.
    I think it's a TIVO thing... It has a USB connection for a wireless unit...
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    Bump. One week to go for the next season!

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    I saw a commercial for the upcoming season premier and remembered that I have to trade in my HD cable box. I refuse to miss a show. Unfortunately my Tivo Series 2 doesn't work with the an HD box. The only solution is to downgrade my cable box or buy a Series 3 Tivo for more than 700 bucks. Whatever, Tivo is more important to me than HD and Jack is back!

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