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    Good luck Greg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctenidae
    You might want to try crossconnecting the proton accelerator with the flux capacitor, and shunt the excess wattage through the dihydrogenmonoxide acidase inhibitor. If you can get it ramped up to one point twenty-one gigawatts, well, there's just no telling what you can do.
    Imagining above quote spoken in the voice of the martian from Bugs Bunny...

    Now cleaning coffee off my monitor.

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    You're a very bad man, jim. Look what you made me go find:

    mmmm, Alludium Q36 Explosive Space Modulators...
    "The trouble with internet quotations is that they're often impossible to verify."

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    OK, I used to manage the repair dept at a computer store that ripped people off. Hey, it was good money, and I usually made good on the salesman misdeeds. So on that authority:

    You can try to re engergize the muffterizer causing the snaresandbearsandtype to initialize the buffterizer.

    A salesman once actually sold a computer with "the enhanced bufferizer, with the buffterizer the full use of the muffterizer and for an extra $50 snaresandbearsand type."

    And a customer getting a replacement once asked if the replacement would have the enhanced buffterizer.

    Did I take this off topic or what. Good to see the forum back online...again.
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    The new vBulletin looks awesome. haven't tooled around long enough to know how well it's working, but look great from where I'm standing!

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