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    After third Florida resident tests positive, feds say matter has become subject of criminal probe:

    Another Anthrax Case

    What your thoughts on this? Do you think it was terorists? Are you nervous?

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    Fortunately Anthrax is not communicable, its likely that terrorists lack the resources to effectively disperse it widely and in the quantity required for large scale infections. If they did disseminate the spores that killed the man in Florida - it most likely is a disctraction and fear creating tactic, and perhaps some other kind of strike waits in the wings. If they can get folks to be afraid of opening their mail, going to work, being in public places . . . that too is a victory for them.

    What is much more scary is if a suicide attacker were to use a much simpler and more horrible tecnique. Get infected with a Hemmorigic fever like Ebola, or a Smallpox varient -- or anything highly communicable but with a long incubation period. Then simply go hang out at a ball game or something and cough and sneeze a lot . . . it would be like an atomic bomb going off! How about a few infected people at the Olympics? Then everybody flies back home to their homelands . . . disaster worldwide.

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    Another Anthrax case in NYC! What's going on here?!?!

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    Latest developments:
    • Anthrax spores found in Gov. George Pataki's New York City office
    • 29 Daschle office personnel test positive for exposure to anthrax
    • House to close today for security sweep; Senate to remain in session
    • Government source tells CNN Daschle anthrax was "high grade, very virulent"

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    It makes you wonder who is helping them. Lots of scientists couldn't make ends-meat after the Soviet Union disbanded, and they have the knowledge and perhaps even the equipment could have been black marketed. Iraq most likely has the resources. Its hard to know. But one thing I am sure of is that Afganistan probably can't accompish anything more complicated than basket-weaving on their own. And seeing, fermenting and pulverizing Anthrax - without getting killed in the process . . . is not simple work. If they are getting help I sure hope we find out from whom!

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