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    Crown Weather Services is proud to announce that we are issuing a higher summits forecast for the higher peaks of the mountains of northern New Hampshire and western and northern Maine. Our forecasts go out 5 days and the forecasts contain forecasted weather conditions, temperatures and wind direction and wind speeds. These forecasts can be used for all types of recreational activities. The Maine mountains forecast is near the top and the New Hampshire is closer to the bottom of the screen. The forecasts are specific for Mount Katahdin in Maine and Mount Washington in New Hampshire, but can be directly applied to the many other higher peaks of Maine and New Hampshire. For a direct link, go to


    Robert Lightbown
    Crown Weather Services, Caribou, Maine

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    Thats not a very good forecast. nothign they said even happend. they have nothing written about the snow storm washington is about to get tonight.--Matt

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    Thanks Robert for providing source.

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    Actually if you compare my forecasts for the next day with the NWS in Gray, Maine's Recreational Forecast you will find I am pretty close to accurate for a 24 hour forecast, the same goes with my 2 day forecast. So that if I am forecasting such and such weather, temp, wind for 2 days from now or on Saturday and on Saturday you check the NWS forecast for that day and compare it to will more than likely I am forecasting in the general ballpark on what will happen.


    Robert Lightbown

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