This thread prompted this. A "Classifieds" forum could be a way of dealing with what some would consider advertising or SPAM, including the promotion other Web sites, services, products, etc. Any such posts could be moved from the original forum to this new "Classifieds" forum. It could also be used for selling used gear or offering services. My feeling is less is more though, and I don't want to create additional forums unless totally necessary. I know Snowjournal has a forum like this and it's dead. I would like to keep the overall number of forums to the absolute minimum required, but if a majority feels this would be useful, I'll consider it.

Regarding external "ads" or promotion: My view has generally been to allow them. I've always taken the approach that as long as the link is on topic, useful, or at least mildly interesting, it's fine. A new "Classifieds" forum would be a single place for these threads, and you can then choose whether or not to look. Threads promoting Web sites or related products or services would need to be Northeast outdoor-specific, or they will be deleted. Another concern is a forum like this would open the door for a bunch of junk to be posted here.

This poll will run for 7 days. Feel free to discuss here. Any other ideas for handling advertising are welcome too. Luckily, we've seen very little so far, but as the board grows, we may see more and more of this. Thoughts?