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    Quote Originally Posted by dmc View Post
    I guess if I wanted to get away from music I would... But generally I enjoy listening to music all the time... Never really felt the need to get away from music...
    When Iím walking in the woods, I would rather listen to the sounds of my footsteps, the rhythm of my breathing, the wind in the trees, the snow falling, Mr. Red squirrel yelling at me. If Iím far enough in the back country, Iíll stop and listen to the amazing silence. It gives me the feeling as if I'm on another planet, alone. No cars, planes, no people, no music, just the wind, and other natural sounds. There is something special about this kind of silence that is almost eerie. I can't explain it, but it is one of the things that keeps me coming back to hike, even after a long hiatus.
    For me, these times are few and far between, and my hiking experience would be ruined by music playing through a headseat. And noticed I said for me. I am not trying to advocate my thoughts or feelings about this; Iím just trying to explain why I feel this way. I'm not saying that one way is right or wrong. I love music too. I own an IPOD, and use it too, but just choose not to when Iím in the woods. I enjoy the music that nature provides for me. This is one of the main reasons that I hike. Listening to music would dull my hiking experience. Sure I would still enjoy the hike, but only about 80% of it...

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    For me - hiking is mostly visual....

    But I do enjoy silence as well.. It's all good..
    "Sometimes the rock n roll life is not all rainbows & fairy dust..." - Fake Jerry

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    I don't like wearing headphones ever. I rarely even have the radio in the car turned up much above barely audible. Personal thing, I guess- I like to be able to hear my surroundings- when driving, the sound of the tires and the negine, when hiking the sound of my feet on the trail, birds, bears, whatever. On the train I like to be able to hear the insame murmurings of teh reject from the vodka ward next to me. I just feel closed off and disconnected when I have headphones on or music up loud.

    Just me, though. I can see how, especially when trail running for a workout, headphones could be nice.

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    Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to do with it?

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