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  • Hi Alan, We are looking pretty rough. Tonight we will make an all out effort to save the weekend. I give us about a 50% chance of making it. Lift tickets are $30 for the rest of the season.
    Hey Alan, it's Jeanine(MogulQueen). I was so glad to meet Robin on Sunday. I don't know many women who can rip it up like she can! I'm so sorry about her knee. I know what it is like to have torn a ligament, I tore my MCL, and have kids to keep up with. It's a tough job, so take good care of her! It really has been my pleasure meeting your family. I hope to stay in touch with you both. I also have kids, 3 boys..10, 8, and 18mo. Would be great to ski with you all sometime. Take care.
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