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  • Bill NOT sure what u r referring to ????. We've been away to our 50th hs re-unions and i haven't been on AZ for awhile
    Hey Bill Perhaps the Seaway Development Corporation in Massena may be interested as archival stuff or maybe the Massena Public Library or the Massena School District Library .

    Was over your way for Patriot's Day festivities with my family and grandkids , Boy it was a cold and rainy week but we had fun visiting and hitting some nice restaurants and KIMBALL's too . Man it cost me 5 lbs !!! i 've been in the damn gym everyday since we got home :>)
    Shit seemed to be working yesterday...now I'm getting a delivery failure notification on your email....did you get the 411 I sent you?
    Hi Bill! All is well with me. I'd love to hit an early season MRG powder day. We'll have to see how cold & snowy the early part of the season is. Hope all is well with you & yours.
    Hey Billski,

    My name is Jason just recently joined forum looking for places to backpack into and do some fly fishing. Bigbog (Steve) has been extremely helpful with suggestions. We are looking to get off the beaten path (not alot of people). We have 7 days for the trip and want to catch brooktrout and soak in all the environment has to offer. Do you have any suggestions for us. It would be greatly appreciated. We are currently just looking stuff up on line, but the options are huge, and im not sure if some of the bodies of water are holding fish. Most of my time is spent in ADK where some beatiful waters no longer hold trout because of acid rain. Any help would be great.


    I'm just the messenger. send me your email and I'll forward you the entire message. It';s too long for this facility.
    is this $500 per night?Is this only available for the whole week or would you split it up?
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