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  • Hey Greg,
    I want to mtb with you all. Is there a regular day of the week that you go out? I would love to get a regular thing going. Maybe a 7am on a weekday? It's easier to do early morning rides during the week because of the kids after school stuff. I've been trying to watch for posted rides but I don't see anything on a regular basis that would be close by. Hope to see you all soon!
    Hey Greg,
    You did GREAT on Sunday. Hope to see you at the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge! I talked to Ellen today. She was sooooooooooooo happy for our posse. Thank you so much for introducing me to everyone. It was so nice to have a support group cheering me on. Now I just need to bring everyone up to the Bear Mountain Challenge for some moral support. I'll supply the beer!
    Thanks Greg. This forum is great: weather, trip reports, all skiing, all the time. I get to talk snow and ski with people who speak the language. Cool.
    if i knew what a visitor message log was i might be offended. ;-) how many more messaging methods does AZ need? i would say we need more methods. i prefer the obvious, smoke signals. 8)
    Hi Greg: I'm trying to "unsubcribe" from threads to avoid 49 emails. I tried it a few times in the "Options" on the user CP, but that doesn't seem to be working. Then I tried it thru one of the emails which takes you to the folders window, but none of the threads are checked off for notification. Help!
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