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  • I won't be able to get to Camelback this Tuesday. Too bad. But would like to meet up with you if you do another day sometime.
    Whats with the rushmore beekeepers society logo. Sumthin to do with managing a honeydipper?

    My name is Jarrod Moss from Ski Sundown. I hear that you may be a Hart Skis Rep. I have an event on March 22nd that is tied in with Meat Head Films and involves a Slope Style, an invite only Big Air and Mogul comp. I'd like to tell you all about it and see if I can get Hart Skis to take on prizing for the mogul aspect of the event. Please email or call me when you have time so I can tell you all about the plan. Thanks jarrod@skisundown.com 860.810.7417
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