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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    On the flip side, a screening that includes employment verification going back 10 years, credit check, criminal record check, and a drug test can ward off some really painful hiring mistakes. Testing positive for pot might not be an automatic disqualification but it's a piece of the puzzle to try to figure out if someone is misrepresenting themselves. Most places, it's really difficult to get rid of a hiring mistake after they get in the door.
    why not an alcohol test as well then?

    My father ran the corporate finance division for the 2nd largest bank in the state of CT at the end of his career. He drank every single day of his career, usually 3-4 beers or glasses of scotch a night during the week and typically more on the weekends.

    My cousin is a high ranking financial analyst for a major British bank and has smoked every single day for the past 15 years.

    Both extremely successful business professionals.

    What's the difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoseek View Post
    Yeah I think its the companies loss if they want to disqualify so many people. 9 out of ten times your better off not working for a company like that.

    If you were to make the argument that its a job that requires the lives of others than I would hear that argument but to be fair I just assume in that situation there is a zero drug OR alcohol policy. I wonder how airline pilots and doctors would feel about that.
    Healthcare does not drug test. They test you for TB, Measles though. Worked at many over my career, the only time I've been tested was when I was consulting and to work through the consulting agency I had to be tested. Look at hiring least in the NE they don't require it. Always wondered why..maybe they realize it's not the worst thing in the world? Narcs are highly secure now.

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    I also find it kind of messed up that someone can go out on a friday night, do a tony montana mountain of blow and piss clean monday morning. Same with meth, heroin, acid ect....

    BUT a few tokes and you're out a job. So basically the hard drug users and alcoholics remain, while the occasional smoker is SOL. Doesn't make any sense to me, the system is flawed.

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    I had to take my boss for a drug and alcohol piss screening test once right in the middle of a work day. Talk about uncomfortable and humiliating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post

    What's the difference?
    one is illegal and the other isn't?
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    one is illegal and the other isn't?

    but at the core, I'm describing two very successful businessmen whose extracurricular activities had/have zero affect on their work performance. My father drank everyday after work and my cousin smokes everyday after work for the same reason; to take the edge off, relax and forget about work for a bit, then wake up the next day and kick ass at their jobs.

    As someone who ran restaurants for a decade, I can tell you, employees with drinking problems were a far greater concern for me than employees who smoked pot.

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    i'm told the local grocery store ( a regional chain) has a drug testing program. i find that surprising based on the number of high school kids working there.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    corporations get price breaks from their insurance companies for having drug testing policies.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    corporations get price breaks from their insurance companies for having drug testing policies.........
    Yeah and also they will often opt for a saliva test vs. a urine test. I'm pretty sure it stays in your urine longer than your saliva.Also it's usually a one time thing.

    If F&B as a whole drug tested, you all would be cooking virtually all of your meals. There would be no more complaining about overpriced cafeteria food lol.

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    saliva tests are easy to pass. and yes i can do a speedball 4 days before a piss test and pass, but smoke will show up for 3 months. and to the "one is illegal and one isnt," thats the point of this thread. the difference is that the drinker can obtain his drug of choice at a store, and the smoker has to have a guy who has a guy. i think its pretty common knowledge, or at least it should be, is that the guy your buying weed from is only a person or two removed from the guy who has guns and really isnt on the up and up

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