Ruggles surf break in Newport RI threatened by seawall and jetty


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    Ruggles surf break in Newport RI threatened by seawall and jetty

    But the emblematic righthand reefbreak that skirts Newport, RI, is under siege. Expeditious plans to repair the Cliff Walk post-Sandy have recently surfaced that threaten... no, promise to ruin the most famous wave in New England.The Rhode Island Department of Transportation plans from the Coastal Resources Management Council application propose: 1) a large, armor stone break wall, spanning 20-feet at some points from the Cliff Walk to the mean high water line; and 2) two temporary causeways (i.e. jetties) 200-feet out and 40-feet across erected smack-dab in the channels of the Ruggles lineup. Construction is slated to begin in the next one to two months at the latest.


    Petition to stop construction:

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    This sound like a bummer. Rugges is a premier break especially on a serious swell. Any alteration to this spot can wreck it.
    I never go there, mainly because of the access issues and beacuse I was under the impression that it doesn't really start going off unless it 6 feet or more. I'm out of my comfort zone at that size and don't see myself getting much better anytime soon.
    Just wondering, what's the minium swell height for it have ridable waves?
    Live for today

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