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    There's also Sheady Acres. http://www.sheadyacres.com/book.html

    Pretty cheap and the cottages look not "sheady." Just not a lot of room - sleeps 2-4 max with 1-2 beds. It is right down the road from the mountain, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtcobb View Post

    Pretty cheap and the cottages look not "sheady.".....
    Sweet I'll check that too.

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    Whoa just watched the tour vid, what an awesome concept! Thanks again!

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    For what its worth I think staying on the resort is the way to go even for a night. Now that the jay hotel is up and running you do get your lift ticket and the water park and your right there....Im all for Grunts and sheady acres. If Bill didnt buy out Ursula I would have highly recommended the snowline but its gone sad to say...Theres even some nice rentals in alpine haven which are cheap (3 miles from village road).

    I just think when you add everything up it comes out a little more but just for the convenience and the fact you dont have to get up and rush up 242 and deal with the parking, moving your gear and the whole nine yards...you will make first tram with little effort after you had a nice cheap egg platter (3 bucks) in the main lodge...

    They have a lot more to offer now with the jay hotel addition.....will it cost you more..a little...but worth it imho

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    Cedarwood Resort, 3 miles from Jay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    Cedarwood Resort, 3 miles from Jay.
    Cedarwood is closed, which I was actually trying to find out what happened. It was nice to have other options.
    I hear you, I'd love to stay on the slopes. Before I get into my beefs, let me say this, although I'm sure some die hards would disagree, I feel ultimately the intensive development at the mountain (or resort) is beneficial to the surrounding area as well as to perks like expanded terrain, amenities and the like. Lets face it, in a changing climate, Jay gets snow and lots of it. It's development would have eventually happened regardless. I'm not super familiar with the EB5 program so I will not venture to say if that is helping local folks stay gainfully employed or not. So on with it.
    Customer service feels big distant and condescending. Over the last three years I've been misinformed, oversold and flat out lied to regarding lodging availability and packages. Sorry, that's so not the Vermont I love. I also have to say that $560 lodging only, for two nights midweek for a one bedroom at the tram house is steeper than the chutes. Depending on the rep you talk to some tell you a package must be purchased in order to book lodging. That's a big hit for convenience if you ask me.
    resultantly, I would think "outsider" hotels bars and restaurants could flourish in that kind of disparity, yet they are all selling out.
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    You are right when you speak of their customer service...They do need to go to politeness school lol...
    And I will say this. They do make changes in their pricing on bookings on an instant...

    I am bringing a group of 55 there starting tomorrow. I book way in advance and negotiate the contract. Ive got a great fiduciary history with them. But I found out that rooms that were being booked at 200.00 per night (including water park and lift tix) 12 days ago are now going for $321.00 per night (this was last nights check).

    That being said I really think overall in most cases, timing being everything to stay on the resort nowadays is the best option. But then again if you stay in Montgomery Center or Jay itself your there anyway.... and it is a great option...

    I think what is happening up there is stenger is buying everyone out in the hotel business....one way or the other. And nobody really wants to fight it..why should they. If he is willing to flip you one million dollars and a lifetime pass at jay its not a bad option.

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    I have always found that when it comes to Jay Peak timing is everything... Condition wise and lodging price wise as well. I have stayed at both the old and new Hotel Jay and the Tramhaus lodge for some really great rates that included skiing. I have always found their standard, non-deal pricing to be high and when faced with the choice of paying full price will stay off mountain.

    +1 on Alpine Haven, 3 miles down the road, cheap and decent condos. You can even ski there from Jay, or Big Jay I believe, but you should know where you're going before attempting it.
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    grandpa gumps and snow shoe still considered good options?

    GG web site won't load on my pc, gets security alerts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcunni View Post
    grandpa gumps and snow shoe still considered good options?

    GG web site won't load on my pc, gets security alerts.
    Great question. Lodging is always a problem at Jay. I usually stay at the Newport motel.
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