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Presidents week, Jay, Stowe and Bolton Valley

Mum skier

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Jan 25, 2021
Resort or Ski Area
Jay Peak
Feb 19, 2024
Snow Conditions
  1. Ice
Vacation week trip to Jay, Stowe and Bolton Valley.
Drove up to Jay from Massachusetts Sunday afternoon, checked into Tram Haus. A few inches of snow overnight on Sunday and they were reporting quite a bit from Friday and Saturday.
Monday was cold (top of 10oF, not sure if that was base or summit) and windy. We just wore everything we had with us and were fine, other than when you came over the ridge on the flyer chair and hit the wind!. Good days skiing, certainly there was ice underneath the new snow, and the lower angle slopes kept the powder better. No lines other than for the Tram. I know it was cold, but for a holiday Monday, where was everyone? Realized later they were all in the lodges or waterpark. Kids said last half hour of opening in the waterpark was best. Between 7.30 and 8.00 they were able to surf and run three slides. Couldn't get into either Alice's table or the Foundry, but quick service and same menu in the bar opposite Alices table, so we ate there both nights.


Tuesday was marginally warmer and less wind. More ice starting to show through but still good conditions on piste. Made it up the Tram for last run of the day and then headed off for the short drive to Stowe.

Stayed at the TopNotch Resort at Stowe, nice pool and hot tub and huge room! Struggling for staffing a little but we liked it there.
Wednesday at Stowe, really nice snow conditions, I'd say better than Jay. Much warmer. Easily parked at midway lodge at 9.15 and no problem getting the voucher for four people in car. No lines at all on Spruce side, but they were struggling for coverage on some runs off the Sensation quad. Mansfield side lines were manageable on the Forerunner and the sixer, but seemed long for the Gondola so only managed one run end of day.

image0 (1).jpeg

Thursday warmer again. Family decided to take day off, so solo I was able to run laps on forerunner and Gondola in singles and had a great day. Love the gondola runs. Snow still seemed great as I was only on groomed runs.
Friday we planned to do Stowe again, but I was worried about crowds on a Friday especially as they had been touting for fresh snow overnight on Thursday (there was not any). And I was pretty tired after my full solo day on Thursday so keen to do something a little less intense. So made a last minute decision to check out Bolton Valley for the first time instead. Inspired choice! Probably ended up our favoite day. No ice - like anywhere! Snow was soft enough in the trees even for the adults to venture in.


Super warm temperatures and spring conditions. But to my great embarrassment for the first time ever in 40 years of skiing I skied to a closed lift at the end of the day. Turns out the Timberline lift closes at 3.45........


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Sep 1, 2012
Wash DC area
Nice. Family skiing is where it all started for most of us. I still get to ski with my kids, some more often then others. All four are grown and long on their own.

By the way, I skied four days during President's Week in Utah. It's just barely busier than other weeks here and ironically the Sat and Sun of President's Weekend is lighter than most weekends because those days are blacked out on the Ikon base pass. Many thousands of SLC locals use the Ikon base pass as their default season pass.