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    Scotch: Lagavulin

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    A flask of Tommyrodder cask strength gin..... its a life changer

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    Quote Originally Posted by joevogel View Post
    A flask of Tommyrodder cask strength gin..... its a life changer
    I used to bring a bottle of wine not very efficient though for backpacking
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    Sober, weed, whiskey all options have been fun and rewarding

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    Gin I’d say is my new favorite that nice pine Flavourto keep with feeling outdoorsy. Usually only with camping tho hiking I try to stay light maybe a cigar to puff on

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    Tequila. Always Tequila
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianscampbell View Post
    I've always got a flask of whiskey on me - do you bring booze with you on your backpacking trips? What's your go to?
    We always bring a six pack of an IPAA and have a beer on the top of the summit

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    None. No need.

    Being in nature is intoxicating enough. No need for enhancers.

    That said, when I used to backpack in the Sierra, in early summer when we were camping on snow, a small flask of whiskey does work wonders when added to hot chocolate as an after dinner desert drink. Warms to the core, in addition to fingers and toes.

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    A flask of Everclear whiskey with some Kool Aid.

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