Went to Killington Bike Park for the first time this past weekend with my son. One word: Wow! Just in terms of size and accessibility, I doubt anyone else in New England can compare. Even though Burke has the shuttle to the top, the gondola plus the availability of trails for mere mortals off the top of Killington Peak gives the edge to Killington in my book. The flow and jump trails also bear the mark of being built by real pros (Gravity Logic)...perfect berms and perfect jumps. My favorite trails were Snake Bite (tech and flow) and Blue Magic (jump trail). We parked at Snowshed and had lunch in the cafeteria there. Pretty typical ski area fare. The bike shop is well staffed and stocked. My son broke his derailleur on the first run of the day and the shop had it replaced in about 15 minutes. If you haven't been, it's definitely worth adding to your list of lift serviced bike parks. After seeing what Gravity Logic has built at Killington, I really want to get down to Thunder Mountain before the season ends.