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    Not a problem Jcb!

    And for me this was a case where my standard plan of attack for hiking a ski area in the off season paid off with the discoveries I found.

    My typical plan of attack is to start up established work roads (much easier than "bush whacking" through knee high grasses, brambles and other associated ground cover) and then if I come across any "fresh" excavator/bulldozer tracks that deviate off of the main work road, I follow them! More often than not I find some new stuff, and worst case, I end up hiking a different route than I may have never done before.

    In this case, based on some social media comments I read last week about a new park at Carinthia, I knew I wanted to hike over there to check things out, and then I saw fresh bulldozer tracks heading from the top of Carinthia over towards Sunbrook, and just followed them (and all the newly installed pipe) all the way to the top of Sunbrook

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    I’m surprised any park stuff is going on. That should be the last of any park expansion. With Vails cock in the door now I see the Carinthia thing getting cut back starting soon after the ink dries. Vail has shown to cut back on terrain parks at most of their resorts. Yes they still usually have a big park and jumps and rails but not the 10 trails worth like Mt Snow. It’s a financial loss over there with just the jibbers. New lodge now - Vail sees more burgers and beers and less terrain parks. It will get cut hard.

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    And there we have it.

    you have achieved highwaystar awful.

    Kudos on being a complete internet hack.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmywilson69 View Post
    And there we have it.

    you have achieved highwaystar awful.

    Kudos on being a complete internet hack.
    LOL - that was a good one...

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