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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobbold View Post
    Is this a good thing for Mt snow or bad thing? I hate to hear about people getting fired.
    If you don’t align with the Vail mold then you go away. Happens every time they acquire. Happens all the time when any business acquisitions occur (omg I’m using big words - bumping chairs while listening to business 101 podcast must help)

    Both of these guys were dead money and not needed. Absolutely no need for a project manager or capEx hand holder. Vail has people already in place for that, and they actually know what they are doing. The other dude was some terrain park slope maintenance over see all areas guy. Made up position cuz he was in bed with old owners. Completely unnecessary position and Vail is smart and knew that.

    There is no time better then the present to know and see the low hanging fruit. Why keep 10 when 6 and 20% pay cut are doing the same? Damn, these business 101 podcasts are getting good.

    Cough on your face, out!

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    Yes, Brendan left (saw the hand writing on the wall), Elia was canned. I don't think their egos (both are massive) played into it, it is really as FBGM said (wow I actually agree with him).

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    Quote Originally Posted by O09 View Post
    Those guys were such corporate stooges.

    Brendan Ryan got himself elected to the local sewer district so that Peaks could get a lower hook up fee for their planned condos at Carinthia. He managed to raise everyone in Dover's water rates to pay for the bond that upgraded to the system and argued a lower hook-up fee at the same time, taking the fee they pay from $60/gal to $40/gal. Mount snow should have paid a mitigation payment since they were taking up all of the remaining gallonage with their development and the upgrades would disproportionately benefit them. Once construction started on the unnecessary sewer upgrades with Peaks paying as little as possible, he left town, leaving the district with construction cost overruns, the people of Dover with high water fees, and no condos (they didn't have the money) to show for the work. What an asshole.

    All the while, Elia, cut down swathes of trees (unpermitted) at Carinthia affecting airflow in front of a bat hibernaculum, where 4 species of bat reside year round, two of them on endangered lists, creating the perfect atmosphere for a spillover effect. They got fined 30k and had to replant trees. What a moron.

    Erik Barnes the other asshole fired was overseeing all this shit allowed for extra blasting beyond the long john expansion permit, fucking up bear habitat at the top of the mountain.

    Peaks had a plan to remove all of the soil (50,000 cubic yards) at the Carinthia parking lot and smear it in a thin layer all over the mountain. But the soil was contaminated with all sorts of toxins and chemicals that would have ruined the ground water supply for all of the existing development at the base of the mountain that is reliant on private wells (grand summit, seasons, private homes etc.) The cost to remediate properly was too high and Peaks had to sell since there was no future growth potential.

    All of this work was to get the Sackler family (oxycontin drug pins) wealthier or at least hide their money from getting clawed back from states suing them. So, from my perspective, it's a good thing these people are gone. They were like a giant tic sucking the life out of Mount Snow and Dover by making everything more expensive or deteriorating the natural environment to further their development schemes.

    Im hard.

    I got pages more of this stuff I can air out. Keep it coming. (That’s what she said)

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    Golf course opened Wednesday (the 17th) with play scheduled only for Wednesday through Sunday as of now for this season (could be a bit of a boost to the reopened 7 days a week Haystack Golf Club.

    Limited Summer Ops (no mountain biking yet, no Summer Family Camp program) with scenic weekend lift rides and some garb and go food and beverage options starting next weekend. No pool available as of now at the Grand Summit Hotel.

    The press release definitely has a tone to it of "limited Summer Ops" so we can hopefully have a more normal winter ops thing going on
    '07--08 season: 51 Days, '08-'09 season: 55 Days, '09-'10 season: 41 Days, '10-'11 season: 49 days, '11-'12 season: 40 Days '12-'13 season: 57 days, '13-'14 season, 60 days '14-'15 season 60 days, '15-'16 season 52 days, '16-'17 season: 50 days, '17-'18 season 52 days, '18-'19 season 45 days, '19-'20 season 52 days '07-'20 seasons: 664 Days

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