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    Another Helmet thread

    Searched for a recent thread but couldn't find one . Saved my ass today and not on the slope ? Pretty heavy duty snow squall at Bear Creek . Walking towards the lodge with my son and took two steps down a ramp of paver blocks that were iced up . Both feet went out and landed flat on my back whipping my head against the ground . Thirty seconds with the wind knocked out. I was able to ski the rest of the day, hurting but no skull fracture
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    Glad to hear your noggin is in one piece. You probably want to look into getting a new helmet as most are designed for a single impact.

    A few years ago I had a freak fall on a cruiser at okemo that literally smashed my helmet to multiple pieces. My helmet saved me from severe injury that day. When I went to buy a new helmet later that day, the guy in the ski shop asked how much I wanted to spend. My response was, “as much as possible”.

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    Don't cheap out on a helmet!

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    I was trying to get my older brother to wear a helmet on a recent ski trip. He's old school and will only wear a knit cap. He said since he isn't skiing in the trees he doesn't need a helmet. But I think hitting the ground or getting run into by other skiers are good reasons to wear one. They also keep my noggin warm on cold days!

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