Are Teslas smart enough not to camp in the passing lane?


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    Are Teslas smart enough not to camp in the passing lane?

    While driving home on 86 from Elmira yesterday I came upon a line of 4 cars in the passing lane. A red car was blocking those behind and wouldn't speed up, or slow down, and move to the driving lane. Finally it passed a car in the driving lane and everyone, including me, passed the red car on the right. As I was passing I noticed the driver using his cellphone. I yelled out loud, to myself, "Get off your f'n phone". It was then I noticed it was a Tesla. He could possibly not even be driving his car, right? Wouldn't they program it not to block the passing lane? It is a ticketable offense in New York now. It is one of my pet peeves.

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    Don't know much about Teslas, but didn't think they routinely came with autonomous drive?

    Side topic, just read somewhere that average new car now costs $38k. Seems like that figure is too high, but I always buy base models or used cars. I don't see how folks can handle that kind of debt, esp if they have bought two new vehicles in the last four or five years?

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    Pickup trucks can cost upwards of $65,000 nowadays so $38,000 as an average for new cars seems reasonable to me.

    Look to the automotive loan market for the next bubble to burst in the US.

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    They have been handing out car loans to unemployed people like its candy for new cars. Of daughter in law was the recipient of such a loan for a new Highlander.

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