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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcHowes View Post
    I'm up to 43.

    I should be done 11/5 with Isolation weather permitting: <-- if for some odd reason you want to track my progress or god forbid come along (Yes, I would like some people strangers or not to join when I do isolation on the 5th). <-- for the ones Ive done (ya I did almost 30 in September.. crazyness..)

    You're a madman! (he said jealously)

    I found your site while doing some research for my Carter Dome solo. Great stuff.
    I hike, therefore I am.

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    Well, Ive only done 10. A lot of the hikes I do lately are more tour guide hikes than anything really difficult. I need to get back to hiking the big guys.

    Liberty (x2)
    Flume (x2)
    Washington (x3)

    Four 4000 footers in Vermont. I still need to do Killington sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feldmrschl View Post

    You're a madman! (he said jealously)

    I found your site while doing some research for my Carter Dome solo. Great stuff.

    Usually people say I am crazy, but Madman works

    I have a video somewhere on my computer that I never uploaded that shows me slapping carter dome and saying "UNGH! BITCHSLAPPED!" I was quite happy when I did that. Then I realized I still had about 4 hours of hiking and biking to go! Still a great traverse!

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    Sullivan County up on the Walnuts mtn 2000 high elevation
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    HI SherpaK .. nice to see your posts every once in awhile. I hiked
    with you on layfette a couple of winters ago.

    I'm at 33 of the NH 4000'ers. Also have a few in VT and ME.

    The reason I like the list is I very seldom go back to the same place
    more than once. Even on Vacations. I've hiked Mt. Washington 3 times
    now, but never the same trail. So the list always gives me a new hike
    each time I got to head out.
    I've also hiked 650 miles on the AT, only repeat was when I had to
    walk the trail back to my car. I love driving and dayhiking the AT.
    Not only do I get to see the trail, but I also get to drive all the back
    roads in the Appilachians(sp). Oh, and eat breakfast at a lot
    of local dinners.
    I'm now have done the 7 state High Points as well. Last fall I started
    hiking the Bay Curcuit trail around Boston, shorter drive.

    Veriety is the the spice of life, I just can't relate to the guy I met
    on the trail that climbed Mt. Washington 3 times in one day.
    happy trails .. didn't Roger and Dale somebody sing that *grin*
    Nice pictures, I guess were this lazy fatt asses to walk up the mountain, I know I am.
    See Taptalk did this, I was posting in Snowymonster thread on MA. Ski hill / military tribute, I don't know how I ended up bumping this.
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    I'm at 32 in NH. I'll probably never finish because I have no desire to bag peaks such at Tecumseh, Hale, and some other less enticing peaks for the sake of a patch. I have hiked all in ME and VT though for whatever that's worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    After lurking on this board I finally signed up....

    48 Nh 4K's, completed on Saturday, 9-25-04!!
    That's cool! I personally I have only hiked a few, then again I never set such a goal. Hiking for me has been more of a leisure or casual affair.
    2012-2013 (39)
    2013-2014 (36)
    2014-2015 (51)
    2015-2016 (47)

    2016-2017 target - 50

    If you take what the mountain gives you, you will always have fun!

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