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Better yet...just take one of the Poma's that K has in storage. (It'd run a lot faster than the chairlift would). Put it in, running straight up Nor'Easter/The Judge. Put it back on the map, open it when it has snow, maybe snowmaking on a very limited basis (One of the expert runs, and Sun Dog to Nor' Easter.). You can ski the liftline back to the Triple to get out of Hawk's Nest.
Too limited a skier base would bother using that.

I think they could have gotten away with reopening it if they installed a new lift a few years after closing the area, but not now. With a modern gondola just down the road, the expenditure for a new lift and snowmaking / trail clearing at such a low elevation makes little sense. I rather see the money spent elsewhere. Still pisses me off when I see the old towers though.

The lift ride was just under 20 minutes as I remember, roughly 17-18 per the old trail map. The worst ride of them all was the old Ram's Head double. That one was very long, and got very cold near the old summit. The old gondola was 25 minutes almost exactly. Quite the lift ride...