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    Wow Bill, glad you made it out relatively ok. Good luck with the recovery!


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    Wow! Glad to hear you're doing well now, Bill, and expected to have a full recovery before ski season! Be careful!
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    ....Those mountains don't give much dude!!

    Glad to still have you aboard Bill,
    I know it's torture missing the outdoors in all this beautiful summer weather, but rest up.
    *Here's to a assured recovery!....don't rush it!

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    wow! you're famous! i've never been in the newspaper.

    here's to a speedy recovery. glad it all turned out ok.

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    Glad to hear your recovery is going well, that's pretty scary.

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    It was scary after-the-fact. During the event I had no clue how close it was to not making it.

    I'm involved with some other discussion boards where the participant age is significantly higher. We lose people every year, kinda strange experience. Enjoy your good health while you have it!

    Docs down here have re-confirmed body is in self-heal mode, but I must live life as a slug (no cardio, no lifting or anything to risk-reinjure for 3 months.)

    I'll be cleared, but entirely out of shape for ski season!

    Thanks for the thoughts.
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    A good first chair to last chair powder day will get you back in shape real fast.

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    Damn, Bill. Glad you are okay and had such great help getting you out of there. It can happen to any of us, any time, any where. Hope you are back to 100% as soon as possible.
    -Steve "Skiing is not a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs

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    Truth of the matter is that somehow the gravity storms get more serious as the years pass.

    We don't bounce as well? What's up with that? Isn't gravity a constant? OR has physics changed since we were 20 and <immortal>?

    I'm thankful that you ARE recovering. There isn't any other acceptable alternative. Stick with the program and come ski season, you'll be thankful you didn't check out in advance on an adventure.

    Same nick on VFTT? Heheh I'll take your advice on Mahoosuc Notch. I Promise not to sue.


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    Glad you are ok. Heal quickly.

    So, how many people wear helmets for hiking? Looks like a significant head injury can happen just like that, even to an experienced hiker.

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