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10 Great Trails


New member
May 16, 2014
NB Canda
One of my main reasons why I don't ride in winter is that I just can't figure out the right way to layer. I always get rather unpleasantly cold. Can't avoid sweating due to the nature of the activity and the cold wind generated by moving fast just chills me down. So I end up riding in cold sweat. All the sweat wicking fabrics and windproof layers just don't help much. I'm always riding in cold sweat.

I find that the key for me is to not start sweating. If I'm starting to sweat, I'm wearing too many clothes, so I take a layer off.
If I dress "correctly", I am rather cold when I start and am on the verge of sweating when moving.

I find it's easier to start my ride with an uphill that gets me warmed up.

I also quite often put a layer back on during long descents.


Active member
Mar 24, 2006
I sweat while mountain biking no mater how cold it is.Even in the low 20s with just a base layer and a thin jacket or jersey I soak both through by the end of the ride. I'm never cold except the first few minutes and usually just my fingers. The key is to ride hard for the entire ride. If I stand around chatting after the ride then I'll get cold. Most of my friends don't sweat as much as me but they rarely complain about being cold while mountain biking. The road is a different mater. Anything under 40 degrees and I'm freezing no mater what I wear. So 40-42 degrees is my road limit, if its colder than that I'm on the MTB.