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2XU Sub Zero 360 Cycle Jacket - Men's

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Jun 3, 2008
2XU Sub Zero 360 Cycle Jacket - Men's


There are certain manufacturers of cycling and tri clothing whose greatest claim to fame is their association with tradition: traditional materials, traditional design, traditional styling. 2XU is not one of them. In fact, in the quest for constant improvement, 2XU actively eschews tradition by being what they describe as "technologically aware." When designing the Sub Zero 360 Cycle Jacket, 2XU broke free from the binary of front = fabric X and back = fabric Y, thinking instead in terms of 360 degrees of construction and fit. The result is a jacket with strategically placed panels of different materials to provide varying amounts of protection, warmth, and stretch in different areas throughout the jacket.
The jacket's main component, 16:13 XStretch Breathe, is a three-layer material that brings breathability, water-resistance, and an accommodating stretch to the jacket. Spend twenty minutes on a winter ride with it, and you'll understand why it headlines the cast of materials in the Australian manufacturer's top cold-weather kit.
2XU uses panels of SMD Thermo Brushed fabric on the shoulders, sides, and back, which provides insulation, a gentle, fleecy touch to the skin, and also flexes for movement. The extra breathability of SMD Thermo Brushed comes at the expense of 13:16 XStretch Breathe's superior water-resistance, so 2XU only incorporates it in areas of the jacket where breathability is more desirable than being element-proof.
The Sub Zero 360 includes a zippered chest pocket and three rear pockets, the outmost of which are slanted for easier access. An inner collar provides more seal against the wet chill of winter, a full zip allows for quick venting on climbs or during hard efforts, and reflective trimming helps keep you visible in all directions during low-light rides.
The 2XU Sub Zero 360 Cycle Jacket is available in six sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large in the colors Concrete Grey/neon red and Slate/neon yellow.

Price: $99.99 (59% Off!)
Regularly: $249.95

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