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Crotched 3-14-2020


Active member
Feb 1, 2007
Acton, Massachusetts, United States
Date: Pi Day! 3.14

Resort: Crotched Mountain, Bennington NH

Spring Conditions

Report: First trip of the season (and most likely the last) to visiting Crotched, as I was able to get up this afternoon before the closure due the Covid-19 epidemic. Conditions were soft with much corn to be harvested. Was happy to make it out since this year has been one, which I had hoped to make it out more often. Lapped Pluto's, which was the ROTD. Photos below:

Looking down Pluto's at Moonwalk's junction:

Blastoff still has some really good coverage, even as the afternoon wore on:

Last race of the season:

In honor of Pi Day, some Key Lime Pie I made! (Yes I know not skiing related but still damn good!)