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Elite Realaxiom CT Trainer

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Jun 3, 2008
Elite Realaxiom CT Trainer

At best, most cyclists would describe trainers as a necessary evil. No one likes riding inside in a cacophony of noise, but sometimes the weather forces our hand. At least, that was the case until Elite released the Realaxiom CT trainer. It's quieter, it rocks back and forth under you, and it re-creates the visuals and profile of courses all over the world. You may never cycle outside again.
The Realaxiom connects to a PC with an included wire and works with the free MyRealVideo app to display a course, show a video of the course, and adjusts the trainer's resistance to match the conditions you see on the screen. It also displays all your general rider metrics: speed, cadence, watts, slope, and ride time. It also lets you ride your own courses by importing GPS data and video of routes you recorded and performs Conconi and fitness tests. The Web Race feature also lets you virtually race courses with cyclists the world over, so you and your buddies can finally settle who would win a sprint up Alpe d'Huez. An included guide walks you through each of the software's applications.
The A-frame is made from oversized steel tubing and incorporates Elite's Ritmo Dancing Feet system. Ritmo lets the bike move laterally underneath you, mimicking the feel of a wagging saddle on the road and saving your rear skewer from the abuse normal trainers inflict. Combined with the RealVideo feature, Ritmo reduces the soulless nature of trainer riding that has made so many generations of indoor cyclists dread winter's arrival. Finally, the trainer includes Elite's elastogel roller, which reduces tire wear by 20% and " more importantly " noise by a claimed 50%. Your neighbors, significant others, and pets will all thank you.
The electromagnetic resistance unit is capable of replicating slopes of up to 10%, and the one-hand locking system is essentially a giant quick-release. The RealAxiom measures cadence without the need to install a separate sensor on your machine, but you will have to mount the controller to your bars. Elite provides the block for your front wheel. If you want even more functions, the Realaxiom is compatible with My E-Training and Kinomap Trainer, both of which are available for phones and tablets running iOS or Android.

Price: $479.99 (49% Off!)
Regularly: $955.00

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