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Five Ten Diddie Schneider Shoes

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Jun 3, 2008
Five Ten Diddie Schneider Shoes

Diddie Schneider has put in his time building some of the most progressive trails to date. The Five Ten Diddie Schneider Shoes acknowledges his efforts while providing you with shoes that can handle the rigors of trekking to remote locations and building your own advanced trails. With Diddie behind the design helm for these shoes, it's no wonder that it has all of the technical features that we've been conjuring in our heads for years. From the toecap design to the burly shoelace cover, these are a reflection of dreaming up the perfect shoe while building some of the best mountain bike tracks in the world.
Every part of these shoes serve a purpose, both aesthetically and functionally. You may not mind wet feet for a couple of hours during a drizzle, but when you are out all day, you'll thank the Nubuck leather uppers that repel water and stains. The cut-resistant Raptor Tongue lace cover keep your shoes from catching on trail hazards and tools, and they certainly won't rip to shreds when you take a spill through a rock garden. The low-profile toecap fits easily into pedal cages without feeling like you're trying to jam your feet into a tiny shoe. On the soles of the shoes, Five Ten utilizes its proprietary, grip-like-crazy Stealth rubber for trail and pedal traction. At the shoe's sides and toecap, where wear and tear quickly occur, you'll also find an encasing of stealth rubber to slow down the degeneration process.
The Five Ten Diddie Schneider Shoes are available in the color Moss and in US whole and half sizes from 7.0 to 14.0.

Price: $37.99 (76% Off!)
Regularly: $164.95

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