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George C. Waldo 2009-06-10


Active member
Jun 15, 2007
Been wanting to go and check out the Where's Waldo trail for some time now and today seemed like the perfect day to sneak in a quick ride. Found the trailhead without any problem and started to roll. The trail itself was nice and dry but the rocks and logs where super greasy from the humidity and recent rain so I proceeded with quite a bit of caution as I pushed on down the trail. Got to the end of the trail and bushwacked downhill over a stream on a nice little wood bridge and wound up at the lake's edge at a nice little camp site. Proceeded to head back up the washed out fire road and call it a day as my legs felt a little spent after riding for the last 5 days straight.

Anyway I was impressed with the trail, so twisty and tight with plenty of technical elements throw in. I can't remember how many times I crossed that stone wall. Regardless, I'm excited to get back over here for another ride when the rocks and logs are a little less sweaty.

On a side note I fixed some displaced rocks at one of the stonewall crossings and removed some dead fall observed in the track.

Here's the track.....