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Most overpriced season passes


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Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
But are there really that many people to sustain an entire season pass base?
Have you seen the slope side houses?

Canyon full pass used to be right up there too, until Vail bought it and combined to form the new Park City. But you wouldn't know it if you see their pass holders.

I used to ski Canyons a lot because my buddy has a full pass, at about $1000, and I got to use their buddy pass. :) I just don't think of them as "rich". However, they got so much perk in their job they're like living for free. So their income, which is rather ordinary, can easily afford the season's pass.

Bottom line, there're a lot of people who can afford it. Get used to it.


Nov 13, 2005
No doubt. But are there really that many people to sustain an entire season pass base? It makes me wonder how many SPH they have. I also think Deer Valley is far more of a vacation destination than the average ski resort (i.e. maybe they dont care so much).
I bet the model works for them. At ~3x the normal rate, that means they need ~1/3 the pass base. Those people are paying for a somewhat limited access experience. There are a LOT of incredibly posh residences on site that easily have the cash to drop $10k/year on passes they might not even use much. DV probably does an OK day business given they at least used to be quite a bit cheaper than PC when I was there in 2016 (subject to what I assume are more stringent limits than you would see at other resorts in a non-COVID environment).

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Sep 17, 2020
Has anyone ever seen what a Black Pass costs at Snowbird, jaw dropping cost! But their is always someone with the disposable income to spend.


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Feb 19, 2016
Now the thing with the Buck (deer valley) is you pay for more then skiing. It’s the experience. And people love it. They make so much in other avenues besides just skiing.

Now with that being said, you pay $2800 for the shortest season in Utah. They open later (but almost always with more terrain then the rest) and they close earlier.

Buck is my favorite resort. I ski there my 5 days on Ikon. Pick the sunny bluebird days and make it an expletive. (Or sneak a pow day in if I can - 2’ blower there is a good time). I will rip grommers all morning, eat my $40 lunch and drink on ski beach. Cruise a bit more and then hit up St Regius or Stiens. It’s the rich experience and it’s totally amazing a few days here and there.

Also every lift is high speed. Quality is 10/10. Experience is 10/10.

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson or Alta pow day and beers in parking lot are Fucking great. But that half chub all day at the Buck is real.