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So Who is Behind Powder Mountain?


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Jan 26, 2011
The co-owners of PowMow are all from very well-known conservative families.

I have no idea who is "co-owner" of Powder Mountain, but what I do know is how they're currently marketing that real estate and "life experience" to the newly wanted clientele in marketing materials, and they're sure as hades not targeting "conservative families" that's for sure.

EDIT: Who are you referring to? I just spent about 3 minutes looking into the Powder folks & they're not conservative. One of them is clearly liberal from his TWTR page. Pro-Obama, anti-Trump, pro more immigration, anti-oil, pro gay marriage, anti-gun, etc... He is a capitalist, however, but that's about it. Seems like your stereotypical Silicon Valley elite, and anything but conservative. Other guy has a very thin TWTR profile, but it's mostly about shutting down an oil pipeline (DAPL) & some black lives matter stuff.
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