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Sunday River 4/5 + 4/6


New member
Jan 7, 2008
where its snowing
Date(s) Skied: 4/5 + 4/6

Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River - Bust N Burn comp, parrotheads

Conditions: Day 1, 2" new wet snow, groomed carvable
Day 2, spring classic corn without the sun.

Trip Report:
Headed up for the annual bust n burn challenge at sunday river. A friend of mine enjoys competing each year in the mogul challenge, while I try to get in my last few turns of the season. We were hoping for the 6" on the high side of the forecast, but got a wet 2"... better than nothing for this stage of the season!

Started the day at Whitecap(Foggy!), and made our way over to OZ and Jordan for most of later morning/early afternoon. Really enjoyed Oz, like usual... found some nice sloppy fresh tracks, glades and sides of trails. Sun came out in the afternoon, just in time for some cocktails and the band to start rockin.

Sunday, watched a few runs of my bud before he got knocked out of the tourney. Caught up with a few friends that I didn't hit the slopes with on Sat -- In general, wasn't a very intense get tons of runs in day, but still had a good time.

Camera didn't come out, guess I could be happier with my fluffier memories for the summer --