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Wachusett 8/13/08


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Dec 30, 2003
Spencer, MA
Date(s) Hiked: Wednesday 8/13/08

Trails(s) Hiked: Pine Hill Trail, Balance Rock (Hiking) Trail

Total Distance: 1.25 mile RT on Pine Hill Trail, .8 mile RT on Balance Rock Trail

Difficulty: Uhh... it's Wachusett we're talking about here ;)

Conditions: Muddy and slippery rocks in places... 70 degrees and beautiful for weather

Special Required Equipment: Again... this is Wachusett we're talking about

Trip Report:

Hadn't been to Wachusett in over 4 months so I decided I needed a trip up there. I'd only hiked it once previously many years ago on Old Indian Trail. Decided to take the quick way to the summit today... Pine Hill trail. It goes right up the "steep" side of the mountain from the State Reservation. It's about 625' of vertical on the way up (State Res is about 300' vertical above the ski base). Took me about 50 minutes round trip with about 10 minutes at the summit, so really 40. Very easy hike, just be careful on some of the rocks which are slippery from the recent rain.

After a trip up the mountain road to check out the ski trails (4 months and they'll be white again :) ), I went to the base and took the short hike up Balance Rock trail. This starts out VERY flat and dry, but gains a little pitch as it goes up and turns into a bit of a running creek as well. The rock itself is interesting, huge, weird, and... hard. It's about 150' vertical to the rock and 20 minutes round trip.

Whole gallery here: http://forums.alpinezone.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=440

Heres a pic of the fountain at the base, Balance Rock, and Smith's headwall.
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May 21, 2008
I was in the area yesterday and considered hiking Nashoba Valley