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    Moved Threads

    Is there a way for you to let people know WHERE a thread was moved? The core shots thread just got moved to the Gear and Equip. forum after 4 days of discussion. It took me a while to find it since the discussion didn't really pertain to gear selection.

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    Permanent redirects are left in the original forum so it should be pretty easy to find moved threads. If there's any doubt as to where it was moved to just look at the top of the thread and follow the navigation breadcrumbs to see where you are. I wasn't going to move the Core Shots thread unless it was bumped which it was this afternoon. The gear forum should be used to talk about anything gear-related, not just gear selection.
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    The search feature near the top of the window is a good one to use if a thread gets moved. The best is the New Posts link, which lists all new posts since your last login regardless of what forum it is in.


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