Bradbury - 8/31/11


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    Bradbury - 8/31/11

    It has been forever since I have been out. Still recovering from this summer of health-suck.

    The upside, rolled a nice 7 mile loop last night at Bradbury to rehab the knee a bit and assess damage from the storm.

    The trails were rolling super well. It looks like a majority of the stuff that fell on trail was minor brush. Spent a few minutes clearing small trees and larger branches. The rain actually helped a bit....all the singletrack I rode was tacky and enjoyable. No real standing water to speak of EXCEPT on Fox East where there are 3 sections that had unavoidable puddles. They should dry in a few days. I didn't hit a majority of the tight and twisty as I was trying to keep it fairly tame.

    There was clearly evidence of some work that had been done. Fox bypass had a very large tree that had been moved off trail. The relatively new bridge on Link, however, had a birch that fell straight across it. You either had to climb over it or take the bypass. No real "easy over".

    I took a few pics that I will post tonight. There were a few signs of the changing seasons...a tree here or there that were starting to turn a shade of red.

    Again, felt good to be out and it is almost my favorite time of year to ride.

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    Glad to hear the trails fared well. Can't wait to get back out on Saturday!

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    Nice!! Look forward to seeing the pictures. Good to hear the trails up that way are in decent shape after the storm.
    "If you ride your bike everyday...... Your going to be a better rider!"

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    I think my camera ate my photos. I only found 3.

    Fallen tree:

    The brush to the right of my bike is all stuff that was moved off the trail:

    Early foliage:

    Should be going out for a much longer ride tomorrow. Will take some more pics of other trail I didn't get to yesterday.

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