Haystack 10/2/2011


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    Haystack 10/2/2011

    I hiked Haystack mountain in Pawlet, VT this morning with my pup. Bow season just opened in VT so I made sure to put Zeus's hunter orange jacket on! The rain held out for me which was awesome. The trail was super slick coming down but not much of a problem going up. This trail is not very long (it only takes me about 45 minutes maybe? to get the to top) but it is pretty steep which makes it somewhat challenging. I was surprised to see some other hikers on the trail and probably ran into about 8 or 10 other people.. some from out of state and the others from Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. I had a nice chat on my way out with one of the guys that lives right next to the trail head since Zeus saw some critter and sprinted into his yard. I got a good sweat and took my nice camera so I could try to improve my picture taking skills (or lack thereof..) The pictures of Zeus jumping and running back down to me are because I believe he makes it to the top twice by the time I get up there, however I have time to set up my camera and call him back and he comes sprinting down the trail towards me All in all this was the best way I could have spent my Sunday...and I just cracked a Blackbeary Wheat

    Zeus at the top...enhanced this pic to white background.. all you could see was the sky and it was pretty cloudy.

    on our way out...

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    Wow the leaves are changing fast out there! How's the new camera working for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Wow the leaves are changing fast out there! How's the new camera working for you?
    Yeah it's absolutely gorgeous around here right now. I love the Fall! Camera is working out pretty good.. I've still got a LOT to learn, but I'm getting better. It's hard to take the patience to learn all about it so my progress is slow but steady. I haven't edited those photos either except for that one of Z up at the top and I've learned that editing can really make a drastic change in the photos you take.

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    Get even more blaze orange on that dogger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaja111 View Post
    Get even more blaze orange on that dogger!
    Can never be to careful!!

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    What's up Stef, you couldn't get the pooch to snap a pic of yourself?

    You need to work the camera timer.

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